Pregnant ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Is Hospitalized

Mercedes “MJ” Javid announced back in October that she and husband Tommy Freight are expecting their first child together. MJ has been very public about her journey to become pregnant, and admitted it was a struggle that took time.

Since the pregnant 46-year-old Shahs of Sunset reality star first shared that happy news, she also discovered that her pregnancy was high-risk. Back in December, MJ was hospitalized, causing plenty of concern that she might miscarry. On Sunday, February 10, MJ posted several videos on her Instagram feed from that late December hospital stay at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

MJ’s Instagram posts are full of emotion, but also share her gratefulness for the quality of care she received. MJ learned that her cervix measured too small, and that led to a successful cervical cerclage surgery. MJ recently opened up about that experience.

“[It was] a pretty uneventful pregnancy until this week,” she said, according to The Daily Dish. “[Doctors] performed this little surgery called a cervical cerclage. You get an epidural, and a stitch, which considered a rescue… The procedure is painless and under an hour.”

MJ reassured her fans that the surgery only required that she stay one night in the hospital. She did admit that because of the surgery and the hospital scare, she will remain on bed rest until she gives birth to an expected baby boy on Mother’s Day.

While this pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest for MJ, the reality star has been very honest and open about the difficulties she has undergone. When she first attempted to get pregnant over this last summer, she admitted that the process was a struggle for her. She had days where she felt great, and other days where the hormones and IVF treatments made her feel terrible. Throughout her pregnancy journey, MJ has documented her feelings often on Instagram to give other women with similar issues hope and encouragement.

“The truth is that I have a lot of ups and downs, moment to moment, especially on the hormones from IVF stuff,” MJ said, according to Extra. “You retain a lot of water. You feel really great one moment and then terrible another moment. That’s the reason why I share because, in my Instagram Stories for instance, I’ll say, ‘I don’t feel good today, but I want everyone else to know not to beat themselves up, to be kind to yourself and know that those days happen to everyone.'”