Denise Richards Confirms Her Kids With Charlie Sheen And Her Husband Will Appear Alongside Her On 'RHOBH'

Denise Richards has finally joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After years of rumors claiming she was headed for a role on the show alongside longtime friend Lisa Rinna and others, the actress and mother of three opened up about her new role on the show and revealed what fans can expect to see from her throughout Season 9.

"I'm working a lot as an actress. [Cameras] follow me on location. They see me with my children. They see me navigate juggling teenagers, and my youngest daughter also has special needs," she revealed to the Chicago Tribune.

Richards shares her two oldest daughters, 14-year-old Sam and 13-year-old Lola, with her first husband Charlie Sheen and adopted her third child, 7-year-old Eloise, as a single parent in 2011.

Although Richards and Sheen's marriage came to a messy end amid her pregnancy with Lola, things between them are civil at this point in time and her current husband, Aaron Phypers, appears to have a great relationship with the kids.

As for what else fans can expect to see of Richards' life, aside from her life at home with Phypers, she told the outlet that one of her ex-boyfriends will be seen on the show because they are "very close" and he is a "big part" of her life. As for who the mystery man is, fans will have to wait and see once the show's ninth season premieres.

When Richards was asked by the Chicago Tribune if there were any parts of her life that were off-limits for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cameras, the actress said "no" and described herself as an open book.

"This is a fun show and it's very also entertaining and we're all pretty open," she revealed. "That's why I chose to even film my wedding. We didn't set out to film the wedding. We weren't sure when we were going to get married and we both said, my husband and I, if we're filming the show we would do it because otherwise, how could I say that I'm doing a reality show if I'm not going to show certain parts of my life? So I'm pretty open on it."

Richards and Phypers tied the knot in September of last year in Malibu, California.

To see more of Richards and her co-stars, don't miss tonight's Season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.