Katy Perry’s Ring Doesn’t Mean Singer Is Engaged

Katy Perry’s new ring doesn’t mean that the singer is engaged to boyfriend John Mayer. Perry sported the heart-shaped ring on her left ring finger on Valentine’s Day.

Despite the implications that is could be an engagement ring, a source has claimed that “[They’re] not engaged.”

Instead, Yahoo! News reports that the gold ring was simply a Valentine’s Day gift for the singer. It was designed by Daniel Gibbings, a jeweler/designer in the pop star’s hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

The jeweler added that the ring wasn’t a proposal, but that the singer was “really super nice” while picking out the special piece of jewelry for Perry.

Katy Perry has been married before to comedian and actor Russell Brand. The two divorced after being married for just over a year. The pop singer and John Mayer began their relationship last summer and have been spotted out in public several times recently.

Despite the speculation that Katy Perry’s ring is an engagement sign, a rep for Gibbings said it’s not likely, though “it can be,” notes PEOPLE. The rep added:

“[Gibbings] uses a lot of texture. The style of his engagement rings are not the usual Neil Lane looking ring. They are definitely more trendy or boho.”

Adding fuel to the speculation is the fact that John Mayer recently revealed he wants to tie the knot with Perry eventually. Mayer added, “I mean, I’m still the kid from Connecticut. That’s what you do.”

So far reps for Perry and Mayer have not commented on the development. Do you think that Katy Perry’s ring means she is engaged to John Mayer, or is it just a sweet Valentine’s Day gift?

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]