'The Bachelor' Spoilers: ABC Exec Teases 'Insane' Finale And Show's Future, Per 'ET'

The Bachelor is beginning to wind down its season, and fans remain shocked by how the show's twists and turns continue to play out despite the leaks and teasers about the series that pepper the internet. A show exec teased that fans should be prepared for an "insane" finale to Entertainment Tonight and after the show's February 11 episode, viewers should expect the unexpected when it comes to Colton Underwood's search for love.

"I actually just screened the finale, and it's insane. It's like nothing we've ever seen, and that's speaking after Arie's, which was like nothing we've ever seen," said Robert Mills, ABC's Senior Vice President, Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming to ET.

"This finale is so different and things really do go so off the rails that it's important for us, for the audience, to let it play out for them. I have to tell you, my heart was racing at several points. It's really emotional and it is so real, it's crazy," he continued.

"Everyone will be talking about it," he concluded to ET.

Mills also revealed that the show's finale will be in two parts, a cliffhanger during the show's usual Monday night time slot and the big romance reveal on Tuesday night.

He also addressed the fact that after running consecutively for 23 seasons, fans could tire of the same formula for the show; a good-looking man looking for love is surrounded by over 20 women also looking for love and their drama is played out for television and perhaps, they will become engaged by the end and tie the knot.

Instead, Mills revealed that he is floored by the devotion fans have for the show, and many original viewers of the series, which began in 2002, are now watching with their own children 17 years later. While the show was never intended as family-friendly viewing, Mills is grateful that the series has ingrained itself so deeply into popular culture that it appears it has become something beyond just a dating series.Because of this, the ABC exec revealed that he doesn't see the franchise ending anytime in the foreseeable future, remarking to ET he sees the show being on "forever" even though the formula remains the same. With each new season comes a new set of conflicts, a new set of issues that need to be worked through to reach the ultimate goal of the series, to find a person to spend forever with.
Whether or not Colton Underwood finds his forever love this season remains to be seen as the show heads into its seventh episode.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.