February 11, 2019
What Would Donald Trump Look Like Without Fake Tan & Signature Hair? A Twitter User Has The Answer [Photo]

A Twitter user created a photoshopped image of President Donald Trump without his fake tan and signature dyed combover to show how the president would look if he assumed a natural look.

The user, whose handle suggests is named Jordan Rivers, shared a side-by-side comparison of Trump earlier this month, featuring a picture of the president on the left and the altered version on the right, as the TV news channel RT shared. The person used the color around Trump's eyes, which normally look a lot lighter than the rest of his face, and applied it to his overall skin, erasing the orange hue frequently associated with the president. The Twitter user also removed the combover, leaving behind some gray hair on the side of his head while displaying a bald top.

"So I guess this is what donald would look like if he was poor... what am I doing with my life," Rivers pondered in the message accompanying the image he shared on Twitter last week.

Before sharing it on Twitter, Rivers also posted the image on his Facebook page, where it was shared more than 40,000 times and commented upon more than 10,000 times. In the post, he also sent a shout-out to his photography teacher for giving him the Photoshop skills. Rivers tagged the president's official Facebook page.

Social media users quickly reacted to the image, making endless comparisons between the photoshopped version of Trump and pop culture figure. One Facebook user, for example, pointed out that the "real" Trump looks like Kevin's uncle in Home Alone, while a Twitter user suggested he looks like Old Man Potter from It's A Wonderful Life. Others went as far as to say the new Trump resembles Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

"Everyone thinks he looks like Putin now lol there must be some science behind that," Rivers responded to one user on the Facebook post.

Trump's multi-angled hairstyle has attracted intense curiosity from the media and social media users who try to decipher what's going on there. As the New York Times observed last year, Trump briefly addressed the issue of his hairstyle during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland, when he poked fun at himself.

"Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it," he said. "It doesn't look bad. Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there. Right? Together, we are hanging in."