Colton Underwood Talks Chemistry With Cassie Randolph, ‘Bachelor’ Star Insists It’s More Than Just Physical

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Cassie Randolph got her first one-on-one with Colton Underwood during Episode 5 of The Bachelor and fireworks definitely sparked between the two of them. Things got a little steamy at various points of the date as Colton and Cassie got frisky on their deserted island, but both Underwood and Randolph insist that it’s more than just physical between them.

Hollywood Life chatted with Colton about this one-on-one with Cassie and asked about their connection. Underwood noted that every one-on-one is a valuable opportunity that provides a chance to move a relationship forward.

The Bachelor star specifically mentioned his outings with Elyse Dehlbom and Hannah Brown as examples of how an individual date successfully helped grow a relationship while filming. Underwood then explained that the same happened with Cassie during their recent date.

Colton acknowledged that yes, there was certainly a physical connection there with Cassie right away. However, he added that they had some challenging conversations during the dinner portion of their outing and he felt they both had to push outside of their respective comfort zones during their time together.

Underwood said that the one-on-ones in general are game-changers, and viewers can’t argue with that. As for Colton and Cassie’s one-on-one in particular, it certainly appeared that these two took that time together to move their relationship forward in a significant way.

For her part, Cassie also made it clear via her Instagram page after Episode 5 that things were more than just physical during that date with Colton. Randolph posted a shot from the couple’s date where they were kissing in the ocean and promised that they did more than just make-out during their time together.


It hasn’t been difficult to see the chemistry between Colton and Cassie this season and Randolph quickly became a fan-favorite and potential frontrunner during the premiere. The Bachelor spoilers have teased that this is a pairing to keep an eye on, but there are still quite a few other ladies still in the mix of things at this point.

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Do Colton and Cassie have more than a physical connection with one another? Could this pairing ultimately be the real deal?

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Cassie Randolph won’t be leaving Colton Underwood’s season anytime soon and the chemistry between Colton and Cassie will only get more intense in the weeks ahead. However, teasers also suggest that there are some bumpy developments on the horizon and viewers can’t watch to see how it all plays out.