Jameela Jamil Wore An Unusual Accessory To The Grammys

To honor the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Jameela Jamil opted for an unconventional accessory, further emphasizing the goofy, down-to-earth attitude for which she has become admired. The star of The Good Place attended the ceremony taking place last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, the nominee for the Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance categories, James Blake. To add a quirky touch to her floor-length, two-toned, fiery red gown — featuring spaghetti straps and a cinched waist — by J. Mendel, Jamil decided to take the unconventional path and chose a pair of earrings designed to look like tiny goldfish, swimming in a plastic bag.

The Grammys has always been the place for stars to go out of the way and cause some serious stir with their styling choices, yet most celebrities tend to favor high fashion, custom-made sensations created by established and much-coveted designers when it comes to making a grand appearance. Jamil is the first to embrace the work of an Etsy vendor, which fits neatly with the reputation the UK-born, America-based actress built for herself. Take the I Weigh campaign, which Jamil launched in order to tackle the stigma surrounding eating disorders. As the Style Caster reports, with the project the star made an enormous contribution to the fight against body-shaming, helping to do away with the practice of evaluating women based solely on their appearance. As a strong advocate of inclusivity and openness, it’s no wonder Jamil opted for a pair of gold fish earrings everyone can easily afford.

Just a few weeks ago, on January 6, Jamil shocked fans on Twitter by revealing that she wore a pair of jeans to keep her warm and comfy during the 76th Golden Globe Awards. What’s more, in a video published by ABC News, Jamil made known her less-than-positive thoughts about the untenable beauty standards prevailing in Hollywood. Calling her fans to steer away from superficialities and keep an open mind when it comes to what’s to be considered beautiful and what isn’t, Jamil emphasized that maintaining a certain aesthetic is just one part of the job of a celebrity.

The goldfish earrings, too, attest to a greater message: that it doesn’t take a team of highly trained experts, a good few sponsors and an enormous amount of fortune to look good. As Jamil’s example demonstrates, beauty should be about fun, individuality, and openness. Plus, the earrings look absolutely hilarious.

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