February 13, 2019
Here's Why Ariana Grande Called Cardi B's Grammy Win 'Trash' In A Deleted Post

Ariana Grande caught some heat on social media during the 2019 Grammys telecast on February 10 after she tweeted out a pretty shady reaction to Cardi B winning a Grammy award for Best Rap Album for her 2018 release Invasion of Privacy. In since-deleted tweets, Grande referred to the rap star's big win as being "literal bulls***" and "trash," which had many accusing the singer of throwing some serious shade at the rap star.

Per Evening Standard, Grande also tweeted the expletive "f***" after seeing Cardi take home the award during the February 10 telecast, though she later clarified that her upset reaction actually had nothing to do with the star at all.

Instead, the "Breakup With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" singer said on the social media site that she wasn't happy about the winner because she wanted the award to posthumously go to her former boyfriend Mac Miller, who was also nominated, but sadly passed away in September.

Apologizing to her millions of followers for her tweets, Grande deleted the messages and explained that she wasn't directly referring to the "Bodak Yellow" rapper.

"Ariana isn't shading Cardi it's cause Mac didn't win," one fan tweeted after Cardi's fans began slamming Ariana on social media and accusing her of throwing shade, to which Grande replied, "Nothing to do w her. Good for her. I promise. I'm sorry."

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande perform on stage for One Love Manchester
Getty Images | Dave Hogan

Another fan defended the rapper in response to Ariana's "trash" tweet, to which the star also clarified that she wasn't referring to her despite her drama with Nicki Minaj who – as the Inquisitr recently reported – has a very close friendship with Ariana.

"She's not at all and that's not what I meant and u know that," the "thank u, next" singer said.

She also explained her anger over Miller not winning by telling another follower that the Grammys had invited Mac's parents to the ceremony, which likely suggested there was a chance the late star could have won the award five months after his untimely death.

As reported by NME, Cardi did vow to share her award with the late Mac after her win. "I read an article that Mac Miller family said that he don't win, they want me to win," she said backstage at the Grammys in a video posted to her Instagram account.

"So I'm sharing this Grammy with you, motherf*****," the mom of one added. "Rest in peace."

But despite Grande's very vocal disappointment over her former boyfriend not winning the award, she did, in fact, take home her own Grammy award despite her controversial decision not to attend the big show.

Ariana -- who recently revealed how she really feels about her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, dating Kate Beckinsale, as the Inquisitr reported - was awarded her first-ever Grammy for Best Pop Album for her 2018 release, Sweetener, and she tweeted out her acceptance speech after boycotting the ceremony.

"I know I'm not there tonight (trust, I tried and still truly wished it had worked out tbh) and I know I said I try not to put too much weight into these things," she said, calling the win "wild and beautiful."

As reported by Elle, Ariana refused to attend the ceremony this year after having a falling out with producers. Producer Ken Ehrlich claimed that he and his team felt it was "too late" for her to get a performance together. She then accused him of "lying" on Twitter, and said she offered up three different songs that she would have been willing to perform on the night.