Ariana Grande Dazzles In Custom Cinderella Gown For Grammys Despite Not Going

Despite not attending the Grammys this year following a bit of drama with the producers, Ariana Grande still managed to snag her first Grammy as the winner of the Best Pop Vocal Album award thanks to her album Sweetener.

According to Elle, the 25-year-old singing sensation may have decided not to attend the awards ceremony after clashing with the producers, but there is no doubt that she had originally intended to.

Grande had a custom-made Zac Posen light blue Cinderella gown all ready to go for her trip to the star-studded ceremony.

Even after her decision not to attend the event, Grande was so captivated by the beautiful custom dress she decided to glam up and flaunt the gorgeous custom ensemble anyway.

About an hour ago, Ariana treated her 144 million Instagram followers (as well as her 60.7 million Twitter followers) to an array of photos from a photo shoot of what would have been her gown while attending the Grammys.

Sporting her signature ponytail, the singer dazzled in the strapless light blue gown as she looked very much like a princess. The photo shoot featured an array of photos of Ariana Grande lying on the floor while rocking her gorgeous custom dress.

In one photo, the singer looked to be sleeping while she opened an eye and appeared to wink for the camera in an adorable manner in a separate photo.

The singer even shared a video clip of one of her fur babies that appeared to be enjoying the dress just as much as Grande. According to the caption, Grande's dog was surfing on the exceptionally long bottom of her dress.

At one point in time, the video panned into the dining room and kitchen and appeared to reveal what looked like a low-key party of some sort.

With such a huge following, it is no surprise that Grande's fans quickly reacted to each photo and video clip she shared from her photo shoot.

In just an hour since she published them, her video clip had accumulated more than 1.1 million views while the first photo from her photo shoot collection has received 1.6 million likes. Nearly 30,000 people commented on the first picture, with thousands taking time to comment on the other photos as well.

In less than an hour, the singing sensation concluded her array of photos with an up-close snap of her bare shoulders and arms that focused on the glamorous necklace around her neck.
While a few of her followers seemed to take issue with the dog riding around on the bottom of the dress, the overwhelming majority had nothing but great things to say about her gorgeous Cinderella gown.