'One Piece' Episode 872 Features Pekom's Death, Germa 66's Revenge Against Big Mom Pirates

One Piece Episode 872, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with Pekoms helping Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy get out of the Mirror World. After an epic one-on-one battle with Charlotte Katakuri, Luffy no longer has enough strength left to move. Luckily, Pekoms appeared and vowed to help them safely escape from the Whole Cake Island for the sake of his big brother Pedro.

Before Luffy and Pekoms came out of the Mirror World, the Thousand Sunny has already reached the vicinity of the Cacao Island. Unfortunately, Cacao Island is surrounded by a fleet of ships led by Charlotte Snack, while the Strawhat Pirates are still being chased by Charlotte Smoothie and his subordinates. Most of the sons and daughters of Emperor Big Mom are also outside of the last mirror at the Cacao Island waiting for Luffy to show up.

When they came out of the Mirror World, Pekoms decided to hide Luffy and use Brulee as his hostage. One Piece Episode 872 featured Pekoms in his Sulong form. After he removed his sunglasses, Pekoms stared at the moon and transformed into a Sulong. Pekoms went on a rampage and attacked everyone near him.

Sanji used the opportunity to save Luffy and bring him back to their ship. Unfortunately, some members of the Big Mom Pirates also have the ability to use Sky Walk, making it harder for Sanji and Luffy to escape. Also, despite being in his Sulong form, Pekoms can't beat the officials of the Big Mom Pirates all by himself. It only took a matter of time before the Big Mom Pirates cornered him and shot his body with arrows.

Sanji lost his focus after seeing Pekoms being killed, resulting in one of Big Moms' son to catch him off guard. Charlotte Oven was ready to execute Sanji and Luffy. Luckily, a surprising reinforcement came to save the Strawhat Pirates. One Piece Episode 872 showed the Germa 66 arriving at the Cacao Island to take their revenge against the Big Mom Pirates for trying to kill them during the wedding.

The Germa 66 destroyed more than half of the fleet led by Charlotte Snack. Sanji's siblings - Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju - used their Raid Suits and immediately headed to Black Leg's location. The Vinsmokes reminded Sanji that they only returned to Cacao Island to take their revenge and not to save them. Without Emperor Big Mom and her generals, the Germa 66 could have a chance of defeating the Big Mom Pirates at Cacao Island.