Top 10 Hottest Pictures Of Camila Cabello On Instagram

Camila Cabello first made a name for herself as a member of the supergroup Fifth Harmony, but since leaving the group in 2016, she has blazed her own trail as a rising solo star -- and a fashion icon as well.

The 21-year-old has put together a string of hits and two Grammy nominations for Pop Vocal Album and Pop Solo Performance for her No. 1 hit "Havana (Live)." As she's built her stature as one of the top female pop vocalists, Camila Cabello has also amassed a huge following on Instagram for the often-revealing pictures she shares of her work.

The singer has been open about her desire to strike out on her own after Fifth Harmony, reinventing herself in the image she wants to portray.

"When I left the group, and when all that stuff was going on, I started to use this mantra to myself, of 'love only,'" she told the Guardian in an interview last year. "Any time that I would feel scared, any time that I felt doubt, any time that I felt like I couldn't do it, any time that I felt there was conflict between any of us, or on the internet, I would repeat to myself, and say to my fans, love only, love only."

That is the prevailing sentiment on her Instagram page, where Cabello posts mostly tame pictures and connects with fans.

Here are the Top 10 hottest pictures that Camila Cabello has to share on Instagram.

10. No Pants, No Problem

Camila decided to don a yellow hoodie -- and nothing else -- in a post last April, giving fans a preview of the merchandise available on her Never Be The Same Tour.

9. Crying In The Club

The singer took to her social media page to share a sultry shot to promote the song, "Crying In The Club."

8. Take A Guess

With her star quickly rising as both a singer and fashion icon, it was only natural that Camila Cabello would be tapped for some modeling campaigns. Last year, she took to Instagram to share a picture from her Guess campaign, where she donned a black bra and some form-fitting jeans.

7. Get On The Floor

Camila offered a preview of her hit single, "Havana," by getting down on the floor in a sexy pose.

6. Going to Disney

The singer shared a skin-baring picture back in November and a story about how her mom told her they were taking a trip to Disney when they were really moving from Cuba to the United States.

5. View From Behind

Camila shared a shot of her backside in a form-fitting bodysuit, and fans loved it to the tune of more than 1.6 million likes.

4. She's Dreaming

Back in August, the singer posted a shot of herself wearing a skin-baring jacked and the caption "saw you in a dream."

3. Pretty In Pink

Camila channeled a couple of fashion icons for her performance at the iHeartMusic Awards in 2018. Her pink dress, gloves, and thigh-high boots were a replica of what Marilyn Monroe wore in her performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, a look that pop icon Madonna also picked up for her "Material Girl" music video.

2. Rocking A Bikini

Camila Cabello doesn't often share bikini pictures on Instagram. In fact, this one of her tiny white bikini that she donned for a trip to Cancun is one of the only ones she's posted -- which could help explain why it's got more than 1 million likes.

1. Camila

There was no hotter picture than the one the singer chose for the cover of her album, Camila. The singer struck a sultry pose in a floral dress, with the picture garnering some viral interest.

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