Jill Duggar Dillard Could Be Sporting A Baby Bump, According To Fans

It doesn't take much for Duggar fans to think they spot a baby bump, and now Jill Duggar seems to be the most recent target of baby rumors. All it takes is a couple of photos for them to wonder if they are truly seeing just a hint of a protruding belly. Most of the time it doesn't pan out. However, there are times when one of the women will make an announcement shortly after fans speculate that they are with child.

After a few pictures were posted by Jill Duggar on her Instagram a few days ago, the baby bump comments seemed to escalate. What has fans so convinced that she and husband, Derick Dillard, are having another bundle of joy? The big hint, according to fans, seems to be that she is seen wearing some very loose tops that she just bought at cousin Amy's new store, 3130 Clothing.

The shirts are all blousy-like that fit loose around her waistline. She is trying them on for the camera and encouraging everyone to check out Amy's website for all of her clothing options. Jill mentioned how adorable the items are that she picked up and shared a few of them with fans. The extra room on the shirts had quite a few fans asking if she was hiding a baby bump.

You wouldn't really notice, except for maybe the second to the last photo of the mom-of-two donning a green flowery top that went down to her thighs. Duggar fans were quick to notice that there appears to be just a small hint of a bump, but that could just be a normal thing, especially after having two kids. However, quite a few people are convinced that Jill is hiding something and will be making an announcement soon.

The Dillard's youngest, Samuel, will be 2-years-old this summer. Sister Jessa Seewald is pregnant with her third child, and her son, Henry, just turned 2-years-old this month. So, the timing seems about right that Jill could be expecting her third child as well. Even if she isn't pregnant as everyone thinks she is, Jill did look cute wearing one of the tops she bought to church on Sunday. She paired it up with some blue jeans and leopard flats.

A new season of Counting On will return to TLC on Monday, February 11, but you won't be seeing the Dillards in the mix. Fans will just have to keep up with them on social media. But don't worry, Jill Duggar keeps everyone up to date on her family quite often.