Meghan Markle Explains Why She's Keeping Her Lips Sealed About Her Baby's Gender

To many, Meghan Markle's royal life must seem like a dream. As the Duchess of Sussex, Markle gets to live a luxurious lifestyle with plenty of royal perks, including drivers to take her wherever she'd like to go, personal chefs, and her own sector of Kensington Palace. Nevertheless, life as a duchess is not without its downfalls. Along with the fancy crowns and designer gowns, she was thrust into a life in the spotlight with critics watching her every move. As she and husband Prince Harry prepare to welcome their first child in coming months, they are bombarded with questions regarding their child's name, gender, and due date. Through it all, the royal couple are clinging onto every bit of privacy they can get, according to Pure Wow.

As if getting ready to become first time parents wasn't daunting enough alone, Markle faces constant speculation regarding her pregnancy. While neither she nor Harry have released public information concerning their child's gender or what they plan to name him or her, the media is quick to formulate their own guesses. News publications have hurried to announce their own opinions about what the child's name should be and which royal ancestors it should be taken from. Other outlets have tried to guess her due date, some making bets that the child's birth is only mere weeks away.

Markle has remained relatively quiet on the baby topic, for reasons that she recently explained. In a video captured by a fan and shared on social media, Markle is questioned about her pregnancy. Despite the prying questions, the duchess keeps her cheerful composure, appearing genuinely ecstatic about the thought of welcoming her new bundle of joy. When asked whether her child will be a boy or a girl, she gave a simple reply without divulging any details.
"Oh, thank you! I know! We don't know. Yes, we decided to keep it a secret. That way we'll have something… And it's one of those things, like, no matter what it is, it's still going to be a surprise."
Few can blame the royal couple for remaining determined to keep this aspect of their lives private. As a new mother, Markle has been focusing on staying stress-free and remaining as calm as possible for the health of her baby. New rumors regarding her pregnancy would only add to media frenzy.

Although nothing is known for certain, it is believed that the royal baby will arrive sometime around April or May.