‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Gwendoline Christie Steals The Show At New York Fashion Week

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The gorgeous and gifted Gwendoline Christie is well-known for her inspiring role as the courageous and fiercely loyal Brienne of Tarth in the HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones. But the 40-year-old English beauty — who, in real life, looks nothing like her tomboyish character from GoT — has recently proven that she possesses many talents.

On Friday, the stunning actress — who also delivered a memorable performance as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi — left audiences in awe after making an unforgettable appearance at New York Fashion Week.

Christie proudly walked the runway at the outstanding NYFW debut of Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi and looked nothing short of spectacular among the star-studded lineup of international supermodels, including Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Karen Elson, and Joan Smalls.

In fact, the dazzling actress ended up stealing the show after she modeled an incredibly flamboyant gown — one that is bound to linger in the memory of both fashion enthusiasts and GoT fans.

To describe Christie’s dress as spectacular would be an understatement. The gown paraded by the GoT star on the NYFW runway was a show-stopping tulle design that boasted lavish, voluminous ruffles and sparkled in almost every color of the rainbow.

As she swanned down the staircase inside the basement of Marc Jacobs’ Madison Avenue store, the ravishing actress looked effortless in her fantastic frilled gown. Christie appeared to glide over the stairs as she made her way to the runway with incredible ease, instantly becoming a show sensation.

Featured image credit: Steven FerdmanGetty Images

The extravagant dress looked like it was inspired by a very ornate bouquet of paper roses. Christie’s eccentric, over-the-top gown displayed a sea of colorful ruffles, complete with grandiose layered sleeves and an elaborate double-colored train.

Featured image credit: Steven FerdmanGetty Images

The whimsical gown was one of the many frothy and colorful creations that made up the Tomo Koizumi 2019 autumn-winter collection. Other remarkable dresses in the collection included a buoyant ivory mini-dress modeled by Emily Ratajkowski, and a splashy royal blue frock with mint green frills worn by Bella Hadid, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

However, Christie’s dress was, by far, the most ostentatious, and “even excelled Bella’s in its eccentricity and grandeur,” noted the Daily Mail.

Gwendoline Christie walks the runway for the Tomo Koizumi fashion show at New York Fashion Week.
Featured image credit: Steven FerdmanGetty Images

On Saturday, the GoT star took to her Instagram page to share a few dazzling photos of her sensational NYFW dress.

In one of the snapshots shared with her 391,000 followers, Christie was seen striking a very theatrical pose meant to showcase the fabulous ruffled gown in all of its splendor.

Another photo that the actress posted on Instagram showed Christie and Hadid locked in a ruffle-filled embrace amid a sea of neon frills. All in all, the GoT actress posted four photos and a video from the glamorous NYFW event — all of which sparked an avid interest from her Instagram fans.

The video in particular, which showed Christie royally strutting her stuff on the runway, garnered nearly 86,500 likes and more than 400 comments on Instagram.

“You are art,” quipped one of her fans, while another wrote, “This dress makes me want to hug you even more.”