Julianne Hough Reveals That She's Working On New Music She'll Release This Year

Julianne Hough has revealed that she's stepping back into the music business. The former Dancing With The Stars pro-dancer and judge made the announcement in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Spotify's Best New Artist party ahead of the Grammys on Sunday.

"I have a couple fun things coming out this year," Hough said before dropping the news about her upcoming songs.

But she also shared that she'll be expanding her brand in plenty of other ways as well and seemed very excited to talk about it, even though she made sure to not disclose too many details.

"But [I'm] also [working on] wellness, self-discovery, fitness, empowerment, relationship stuff. So just keep a lookout," she added.

"Some awesome things are coming, and I usually don't promote myself like that, but I'm so excited and so passionate because it's what I truly believe in, and so I'm putting it out there!"

As Entertainment Tonight reports, the blonde bombshell has previously released an album in 2008 that was self-titled. She also put out a Christmas-themed EP the same year.

After she left Dancing With The Stars, Hough focused a lot on her acting career. As her IMDB page notes, she's had numerous acting roles within the last couple of years. She notably starred in Grease Live in 2016 on Fox and had a lead role in Bigger, a film about the pioneers of the bodybuilding industry which was released last year.

Hough's fans can also look forward to her role in the Dolly Parton anthology series on Netflix called Dolly Parton's Heartstrings. Each episode is inspired by a song by the legendary country music artist and Hough will be in the episode about "Jolene." Hough will play the title character. In Variety, the character is described as a "flirtatious free-spirit" who dreams of leaving her small town so that she can become a singer/songwriter.

As for her focus on wellness, Julianne says that she will continue to be vocal about her journey with endometriosis, a painful condition where the tissue that normally grows inside of the uterus starts growing outside of it. Hough discussed her experience with endometriosis in an interview with Women's Health, revealing that she has been dealing with it ever since she was 15-years-old, although she wouldn't be diagnosed until much later.

She also regularly posts content about mindfulness and emotional wellness on her Instagram page, so it's likely that she plans to incorporate more of that into her brand moving forward.