Donald Trump Does His Own Makeup, Says ‘Vanity Fair’

Many people have wondered how Donald Trump gets that shade of peach or orange on his skin, guessing that it’s either courtesy of a tanning bed, some form of rub on tanner, or maybe a spray tan. Now sources are saying that while other members of the Trump administration use makeup artists to apply their foundation and powder before they go on-air, Donald Trump does his makeup himself.

Vanity Fair says that Donald Trump is the rare president who already seemed to have a makeup and foundation grooming regimen that he does himself. While the White House seemed to go along with the myth that the president got his orange glow on the golf course, this was tested during the government shutdown when Trump didn’t leave Washington, D.C., in late December and through January, and yet he still got the orange glow everywhere but on his eyes,

For the first two years of his tenure, senior members of his administration suggested his coloration was down to “good genes,” saying that there are no tanning beds or spray tan booths on Air Force One or in the White House.

Former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman said in her memoir that the president travels with his own tanning bed.

Others who have worked in the White House say that the reason Trump’s eyelids are pale while the rest of his face has color is that he wears special goggles to protect his eyes from ultraviolet rays.

But in addition to tanning, Trump, who suffers from rosacea, uses special makeup powder on his face before all television appearances. The president puts on his own translucent powder — not foundation cream or bronzer — to cover up redness and cut down on shine before the red lights turn on on the cameras.

When Donald Trump moved into the White House, he reportedly had the lighting in the building adjusted for events so that he does not appear too orange, opting for the natural light of the Rose Garden when possible.

Alec Baldwin, who plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, describes the shade of orange used to turn him into the president as somewhere between “Mark Rothko orange” and a “slightly paler Orange Crush.”

But beyond the orange hue, Donald Trump has even talked about doing his own hair, which seems like a fairly elaborate process. But what Donald Trump actually does each day to give his skin that peachy glow seems to be his own personal secret.

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