'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska's Husband Shares Sweet Message To Aubree As The Two Attend Father-Daughter Dance

On Saturday, the husband of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska took to Instagram to share photos from the Father-Daughter dance that he attended with Chelsea's daughter Aubree. Cole DeBoer has been Aubree's stepdad since he and Chelsea Houska married, and he has always made it clear that he will be there for the little girl.

Cole included photos of him and Aubree together on Instagram. Aubree is smiling beside her stepdad. With the photo, Cole included a sweet caption.

Cole wrote, "Father Daughter Dance success!!!! I am very proud of who this sweet girl is becoming the older she gets! I swear she is already an adult. In the truck on the way to the dance I told her, 'you know that I love you and that I will always protect you and always be here for you whenever you need me!' She said, trust me I know that."

Chelsea Houska married Cole DeBoer in October 2016. The couple married when Chelsea was pregnant with their son, Watson. Because of the pregnancy, the couple held off on having a formal wedding ceremony and instead celebrated that a year after their first wedding. In October 2017, Chelsea and Cole celebrated their marriage. Chelsea wore a lacey wedding gown for the occasion and looked stunning celebrating with her husband.

According to the Stir, Chelsea changed Aubree's last name to reflect the last name DeBoer and her last name is now hyphenated.

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 has been airing new episodes on MTV. This season, fans watched as Chelsea and her family moved into a new home that offers a quiet backyard. Chelsea seems incredibly happy in her new home and, on the new season, Chelsea is very pregnant! Fans have been watching as Chelsea prepares to give birth to her third child.

Chelsea gave birth to her daughter Layne on her birthday last year and it appears cameras were there to capture it. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a new clip shows Chelsea just moments before giving birth to baby Layne. It looks like the moments up to the birth will be included on the new season as well as the family meeting the new baby.

Since her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant, Chelsea has been sharing her life with audiences. Fans have watched her over the years on Teen Mom 2.

To catch up with Chelsea Houska and her family, catch Teen Mom 2 Monday nights on MTV.