Monica Potter Didn’t Get Movie Role Because Of Harvey Weinstein: ‘I Missed Out Because Of That Hairy Pig’

Angela Weiss/ Alexander Koerner

Actress Monica Potter is the latest one to speak out against Harvey Weinstein. Back in 1999, the actress was up for a role on The Cider House Rules but nothing came of it because of Weinstein. The Parenthood actress tells WKYC that she was refused a role in the film because she rejected Weinstein’s advances.

“I didn’t do something, so therefore I missed out on it. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying the person who got it did, I’m just saying I didn’t.”

Charlize Theron ended up getting the lead role of Candy Kendall in the film but again, Potter reiterated the fact that she was not sure what happened between Weinstein and whoever did land the role. And that was not the only time that the shamed film producer tried to have his way with her, Potter says.

“He tried three times with me. Twice was in New York and once was in London,” she said while also admitting that on two of the occasions, Weinstein was in his bath robe.

Luckily, Monica stood up for herself and also gave him a little taste of his own medicine.

“I belted him. I flat out belted him… I really hit him where it hurt,” she shared. “So yeah, I missed out on that role because of that hairy pig.”

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This was the first interview that the 47-year-old talked about the advances that Weinstein made against her. Previously, the actress says that she had only made mention of the advances to her late father. While she didn’t give in to any of Harvey’s disgusting advances, Potter did take time to applaud all the other women who also stuck up for themselves and she says that she is “grateful” for the women who stood up to Harvey.

When Weinstein’s representative caught wind of the latest allegations against his client, he spoke out and called Potter a talented actor for whom he has “great respect.” Additionally, the rep said that it was the creative team’s decision as to who finally got the role in The Cider House Rules. The field was narrowed down from 100 people to two, but Potter was not cast due to the creative team’s decision, according to the rep, not because of Weinstein.

The statement went on to say that there has never been anything other than “respect and professionalism” between Monica and the Weinstein Company and also pointed out a role she earned in The Very Thought of You in 1998. To end, it called Monica’s statements “simply false.”