Matthew Whitaker Mocked For Heading Straight To Trump Hotel After Hearing: 'He Had To Report Back To Daddy'

Matthew Whitaker's contentious congressional hearing was already generating plenty of fodder for anti-Trump portions of the internet to mock, and a report that the beleaguered attorney general headed straight to Trump Hotel after his testimony has kicked it into overdrive.

Whitaker, whom critics believe was hand-picked by Donald Trump to serve as the temporary replacement for Jeff Sessions due to Whitaker's statements against Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about his role in the probe. Democrats wanted to ensure that the Russia investigation would be protected and that Whitaker was not taking any actions to undermine the probe, but the attorney general was not in a mood to share much about it.

As USA Today reported, Whitaker denied any interference in the Russia investigation, but refused to answer many other specific questions about his conversations with Trump or what information the president had requested.

"I have not interfered in any way with the special counsel's investigation," he said.

Whitaker had some viral moments, including his attempt to step committee chair Jerrold Nadler's line of questioning by claiming that the Democrat has already run through the five minutes he had allotted to ask questions.

But Matthew Whitaker got even more viral mocking after a report that he headed directly to the Trump International Hotel in Washington after his testimony was over. As the Huffington Post noted, many took to the internet to mock Whitaker for apparently running back to Trump to get a performance review.
Whitaker has already been a popular target for the anti-Trump contingent on Twitter to target, including a January press conference where he was covered in a glistening layer of sweat. As Mediaite noted, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski even devoted a segment to breaking down Whitaker's sweat-filled appearance and speculated on what could be the cause of it.

Scarborough compared the appearance to Albert Brooks in the movie Broadcast News when he sweats through his clothes when appearing on the air for the first time.

"Once you know you're sweating on TV and you tell yourself stop sweating? Guess what. It's just like one of those showers at old Comiskey Park."

Matthew Whitaker is not expected to be in his position much longer. Donald Trump's pick to serve as permanent attorney general, William Barr, is expected to be confirmed to serve in the position sometime next week.