Rihanna Attacked By Fan While Leaving London Club

Rihanna was reportedly attacked by an angry fan as she was leaving a London club Saturday night. The singer stumbled and cut her leg during the incident.

As she was leaving The Box on Saturday evening, an angry fan appeared out of nowhere and threw a bottle at Rihanna. According to the New York Daily News, the man was unhappy that she was back together with boyfriend Chris Brown. Driven by anger, he assaulted her with a soda bottle.

Rihanna didn’t escape the ordeal unharmed. The singer was hit so hard during the attack that she stumbled and cut her knee on a metal drain. Although the fall gave her a bloody knee, images show Rihanna walking away from the incident without too much trouble.

Yahoo! News reports that the singer’s bodyguard gave chase after the assault. Unfortunately, his leg was also injured during the incident. Reports indicate that the Rihanna’s bodyguard was later taken to a London hospital for treatment. It’s unclear if she received treatment for her bloody knee.

However, the weekend wasn’t all bad for the controversial pop star. Rihanna was in London for Fashion Week to unveil her new collection. According to USA Today, the singer-turned-fashion designer debuted her Rihanna for River Island collection on Saturday evening. Although this is her first official collection, she previously put together a capsule collection for designer Giorgio Armani.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Rihanna’s collection has received mixed reviews from critics. Although Tom Sykes of Daily Beast Fashion said the clothes were “hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them,” MTV Style said it was “on-board with her comfy girly-yet-grunge pieces.”

Rihanna’s entire collection will be available for purchase at River Island stores beginning March 5. Be sure to check out our previously coverage of the singer’s debut to see images from the event.

The angry fan who gave Rihanna a bloody knee is still at-large.