Supermodel Naomi Campbell Spotted With Large Ring On Her Wedding Finger Amidst Liam Payne Romance

Brad BarketGetty Images

Supermodel Naomi Campbell continues to play it cool as she flaunted a sizable diamond bauble on her ring finger when arriving at JFK International Airport in New York. She has been linked romantically to Liam Payne, formerly of One Direction, after the two engaged in a public flirtation on Instagram.

According to Express, Campbell, 48, braved the cold New York weather in a full-length down coat and thigh-high leather boots, but it was the large ring on her left hand that caused all of the fuss.

Campbell purposefully waved to photographers with her left hand, flashing the white gold ring at them, sparking questions about her two-month relationship with former boy band member Payne, 25.

The two have been spotted out and about together on several occasions, and friends said they have been seeing each other “for a while” despite the 23-year age difference.

Payne is said to be “head over heels” for Campbell, as friends said he prefers older women. The public first took notice of the flirtation on Instagram when the couple started leaving cheeky messages for each other under their photos.

The boy bander posted a topless photo under which Campbell wrote “beautiful soul” with a heart emoji.

In response, Payne replied, “takes one to know one.” He added heart and kisses emojis.

Cosmopolitan said that, initially, fans of both Campbell and Payne thought it was just a passing fancy, but mutual friends have commented that it’s more serious than anyone previously thought.

The two were spotted together at London’s O2 Arena, and an observer said that “after the show, they left together in the back of a blacked-out, green Range Rover, and Liam was seen putting his arm around Naomi’s waist.”

Friends said that the two now work out together, and take photos for Instagram at the gym.

“The fact they are working out in the gym as a couple shows they’re actually taking things to the next level,” a friend claimed. “Not everyone would get on board with Liam’s quirky ways, but it seems Naomi was only too keen to join in by taking the picture of him with chains draped round his neck.”

Over the last year, Campbell was reminded that life is short, according to the Inquisitr, when she attended the funeral of close friend and Ladies of London star Annabelle Nielson. The two women grew close as both were fashion icons and dear friends of the late designer Alexander McQueen.