'The Bachelor' Episode 6 Spoilers: Hannah Godwin Gets A One-On-One With Colton Underwood And The Sparks Fly

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that there is a lot of action packed into Episode 6, which is set to air on Monday, February 11. Viewers were left with a dreaded "to be continued" as Colton Underwood walked away from the women at the end of Episode 5 ahead of the rose ceremony, so the next show will start off with some eliminations. After that, the remaining ladies will head to Vietnam for dates with Colton, and contender Hannah Godwin is said to get a one-on-one.

As viewers watched in Episode 5, Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar were butting heads and kept right on bickering as Colton came to sit with them. He eventually walked away, and Bachelor spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve indicate that he'll ultimately end up eliminating both Onyeka and Nicole.

ABC teases that once everybody gets to Vietnam, a bachelorette who has "magic chemistry" with Colton will get a spa date with him. This date will apparently contain plenty of fireworks, as Hannah and Colton reconnect, but there will be some outstanding issues they need to work through.

Reality Steve hadn't shared any specific Bachelor spoilers about Hannah and Colton's one-on-one in Vietnam, but it does look as if it'll be this spa date. The network teases that this date goes to someone who has already developed a connection to Underwood, and that does sync up with Godwin quite well.

Apparently, Colton's date will be a spicy and rejuvenating one with a "beautiful, smitten woman." The Bachelor spoilers hint that Underwood and Godwin will need to determine whether they share more than a raw attraction to one another, and dinner will get serious as they discuss things.

Previews hint that things will get quite steamy during this spa date, and Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that Hannah will get a rose during this outing. While there is a fair amount of drama said to be coming up during Episode 6, it doesn't sound as if any of it will involve Godwin and her time with Underwood.

Hannah quickly became a fan-favorite contestant and potential frontrunner during the Bachelor premiere in January. However, viewers haven't necessarily seen a great deal of her since then. Spoilers signal that on Monday night, fans and Colton will quickly remember exactly why she got that first impression rose on the night of introductions, and she may be one to watch as things get more serious over the next few shows.

Could Hannah Godwin end up with Colton Underwood's final rose? If she doesn't, could she be the gal who goes from Bachelor contender to Bachelorette lead this spring? Viewers are definitely digging this lady and will be anxious to see how this one-on-one goes during Episode 6, which airs on Monday, February 11.