‘The Royal Family Is Not A Secret Society,’ Rants A Furious Prince Philip

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For years, the British royal family has been plagued by conspiracy theories, as noted by Business Insider. One of the most popular is that the blue-blooded brigade is actually a bunch of alien lizards. It may sound outlandish, but so is the theory about Queen Elizabeth I being born a man. And that’s before you even open the can of worms about Jack the Ripper being Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Albert Victor.

Then you have the more up-to-date theories posted by have-a-go fantasists on the dark corners of the web, such as the one which states Prince Harry only got hitched to Meghan Markle because it was a plot by the British Empire to win back control over America. Even the duchess’ father, Thomas Markle, has got in on the act and once claimed the royal family was “like Scientologists or the Stepford family” because of their “cult-like secrecy.”

One of the most damning conspiracies is that Princess Diana’s death was orchestrated by members of the royal family. The theory goes that her fatal crash was no accident, but an assassination attempt. Allegedly, this was to prevent her from marrying her Muslim boyfriend Dodi Fayed, whose child she was said to be carrying.

Prince Philip is alleged to be a key player in the last theory, which is probably why he gets so enraged with conspiracy theories in general.

The Express reports that Prince Philip is not impressed with allegations about the royal family being some sort of ancient cult. When quizzed about the mater in a warts-and-all biography, he reportedly snapped, “We are not a secret society.”

In his book, Prince Philip: A Lifetime of Wit and Wisdom, author Phil Dampier reveals a selection of choice statements from the lips of the Duke of Edinburgh, and his denial that the royals are part of some grand conspiracy is right up there with the best. Despite this, at least two people in the current British royal family are paid-up members of the Freemasons – a society renowned for its secrecy and surrounded by a legion of conspiracy theories to call its own.

The Duke of Kent has been the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England for well over half-a-century. In other words, Queen Elizabeth’s cousin is the most senior Freemason in the hierarchy.

The British royal family taking a walk together.
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Perhaps most bizarre of all, considering Prince Philip’s comments on secret societies, the Duke of Edinburgh is reportedly worshipped as a prophet by a small tribe on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu.

The tribe began the “Prince Philip Movement” in the 1960s and it is still flourishing today. Apparently, the tribe believes that the Duke of Edinburgh is the son of an ancient mountain spirit and is fulfilling an ancient prophecy. The prophecy states that the son of an ancient mountain spirit would one day take the form of a pale-skinned man, journey to a foreign country, wed a powerful lady, and then, at some point, in the future return victoriously to the island.

When Prince Philip visited Vanuatu in 1974, villagers were convinced they felt the mountain spirit in the friendly royal. Chief Jack Naiva reportedly spotted the prince aboard the royal yacht and said the following.

“I saw him standing on the deck in his white uniform. I knew then that he was the true messiah.”