February 8, 2019
Brad Pitt Is 'Ready To Find Love Again' After Nightmare Divorce From Angelina Jolie, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Brad Pitt is ready to start dating and hoping to find love again after the end of a long and sometimes contentious divorce from Angelina Jolie, a new report claims.

The onetime Hollywood super couple finally brought a conclusion to their divorce that at times grew testy as the couple came to a custody agreement for their six kids. As Hollywood Life reported, Brad Pitt is happy to have the drama behind him now and is feeling good about his outlook for 2019. Brad has reportedly been expanding his social life and spending more time with his kids, and now is ready to get back into the dating game as well.

While Brad Pitt still has a busy slate, with a new science fiction movie called Ad Astra coming out in May and another movie with Quentin Tarantino headed to theaters as well, the report noted that he is ready for his dating life to get kick-started as well.

"He seems to be much more ready to find love again too, or at least he seems more open to it. His friends are hopeful it will happen for him this year too, he deserves it," our insider adds.

The report added that Brad Pitt has not had a serious girlfriend since his split from Angelina Jolie, despite reports that connected him to actress Charlize Theron and MIT professor Neri Oxman.

While Brad Pitt may be ready to start dating again, another recent report claimed that Angelina Jolie was still feeling the effects of the divorce. A previous report from Hollywood Life claimed that Angelina still felt heartbroken and was struggling with lingering resentment toward Brad.

"She has never loved anyone more in the world than Brad and she is still crushed and heartbroken over their split," a source told the celebrity gossip outlet.

The report went on to add that she too had trouble dating again in the wake of their split.

"She wanted to stay together forever, and it's hard for her to see him," the insider said. "Angie has not been able to move on and has been unable to fall in love since splitting with Brad. So seeing him always stirs emotions and it's challenging for her."

While Brad Pitt may be ready to start dating again, his professional life just ran into a hitch as the planned sequel to his zombie thriller World War Z was reportedly shut down due to budgetary problems.