‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Attention Shifts To Griffin, Could Dr. Munro Become The Next Victim?

Craig SjodinABC

The end of Thursday’s episode of General Hospital seemingly set the stage for a big development on the horizon, and fans are bracing themselves for more chaos. Ryan has seemingly been successful in his quest to point Jordan toward Franco in her investigation, but he may soon find that he can’t resist adding another victim to his list. Could Dr. Griffin Munro become his next target? It’s definitely looking that way

Warning: Do not read any further if you have not watched Thursday’s episode, spoilers ahead!

As viewers saw on Thursday’s episode, Ryan went beyond manipulating Lulu into believing that Franco is the person who hurt her. Ryan also manufactured therapist’s notes, making it seem that Franco was unraveling and potentially dangerous. In addition, he planted his beloved driver’s license trophies in Franco’s art therapy room — precisely in a spot that he knew would be uncovered during a search.

Given all of that, Jordan feels confident that she’s on the right track by focusing on Franco. However, things got heated between Ava and Ryan over all of this. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava’s actions could nudge Ryan into taking action again sooner, rather than later.

At the end of Thursday’s show, Ryan spotted Ava and Griffin in an embrace. Of course, viewers know that there was nothing romantic to this. Griffin and Ava have not been on good terms for months now, but they were able to set aside their differences for a brief moment to come together in their grief over losing Kiki. Not only that, but neither of them can fathom the idea that Franco could have been responsible for what happened.

By the look on Ryan’s face, he won’t necessarily intervene to ask why Ava and Griffin were embracing. Rather, it seems that he will assume the worst — and his jealousy will soon prompt action. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps recently noted that Ryan would turn his attention to Griffin, and now it seems clear why.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, rumors have started to swirl that actor Matt Cohen was going to be leaving the show — and his role as Griffin. This departure has not been confirmed yet, but it certainly fits with the idea of Ryan targeting Griffin. If Cohen is leaving General Hospital, either by choice or as dictated by storyline developments, then it may well be that his character experiences a fate similar to Kiki’s.

While Kiki’s exit was a shocker to many fans, it had been known that actress Hayley Erin had scored a mysterious new role with the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, and General Hospital viewers had speculated that Erin might be written out this way. Now, people are starting to wonder if a similar approach will happen with actor Matt Cohen.

Will Ryan be able to hold himself together, so that Jordan and the investigation remains focused on Franco? Will Griffin end up becoming one of Ryan’s victims due to this soft moment with Ava? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get quite intense over the next few weeks, and fans will have a lot to buzz about as things move forward.