‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Oscar Gets New Information And Julian Pushes Back Against Josslyn

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 7, tease that there’s news from Dr. Terry on the way for Oscar, Kim, and Drew. Earlier, results had shown that the clinical trial hadn’t helped Oscar’s condition. Now, however, some fans wonder if some better news might be on the horizon. In addition, Josslyn will have a conversation with Julian, and it seems he’ll be feeling pretty confident about his status with Kim.

Fans have been anxious to see where this storyline with Oscar’s illness would head. Will he have a miraculous recovery of some sort or will the show really write out his character? There has even been speculation that perhaps Oscar will perish but from a shocking accident or something of that nature rather than the cancer he’s fighting.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter for Thursday’s show reveals that Terry will meet with Oscar, Kim, and Drew, noting that she has his latest test results. The doctor looks rather upbeat, it seems, so General Hospital spoilers hint that the latest results may show some positive changes.

As viewers have seen, Julian came clean with Kim and the two quickly reconciled. Kim had been growing close to Drew, a development that Oscar’s girlfriend Josslyn was excited to see. However, at least for now, Kim and Julian are giving their relationship another go and Julian’s ready to point this out to Joss.

The preview shows that Julian will tell Josslyn that her “little plot” has come to an end, and it looks like he’ll be gloating a bit as he says this. It may be a little too soon for Julian to be acting so confidently, as fans have a hunch that this isn’t the end of Kim and Drew’s draw toward one another. In addition to that, viewers still think that Julian and Alexis may eventually find their way to one another.

While Kim and Julian may be reunited for now, it’s not a stretch to think that more bad news for Oscar could nudge Kim and Drew back toward one another again. At this point, Oscar’s fate remains unknown.

There supposedly is no hope for a recovery for the sick teen, but in the land of soap operas, there is always a chance for things to change. On the other hand, having Oscar pass after this cancer battle would clearly set up some big developments for several characters, and the writers might not be able to resist going that route.

What will Dr. Terry have to share with these latest results? Is Julian too confident about his relationship with Kim? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may be twists on the way yet with this storyline, and fans will be curious to see how it all plays out.