NBC’s ‘Up All Night’ Likely Headed For Cancellation

NBC’s comedy series Up All Night is likely headed for swift cancellation after production troubles and key departures have left the series without a leg to stand on.

Up All Night has had production problems pretty much ever since it got started. Multiple creative changes, an abrupt switch from a single camera to multi-camera format, the departure of creator Emily Spivey, and then star Christina Applegate’s resignation have all hampered the series from turning into the successful sitcom that almost was, reports Perez.

All of these shifts have lead the show’s remaining cast members and the suits at NBC in serious doubt about Up All Night‘s future, with Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett practically declaring that the parent comedy is moribund.

Sources say that at least one of the show’s remaining stars isn’t keen on moving forward with the show without a clear creative direction, and insiders reveal that Rudolph is already thinking of jumping ship for another NBC pilot. Arnett is being courted by ABC and CBS, all of which seems to indicate that Up All Night’s cast is being released from their respective contracts.

Zap2it reports that Up All Night still hasn’t gotten a clear cancellation call, but they’re doubting that the show can continue without one of its main stars. Additionally, NBC pushed an originally planned five-episode arc into one multi-camera episode, and rumor has it that another episode has been scrapped entirely.

Up All Night’s in-flight repairs, it seems, in dealing with creative shifts and Applegate’s departure, can’t seem to save this plane from crashing.

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