WWE News: Two More Superstars Randomly Have Their Ring Names Changed


When a new wrestler signs with WWE or NXT — and becomes a superstar in the company — there is always the chance that their name could be changed. Finn Balor had it happen. Hideo Itami used to be known as Kenta. It’s just something that happens when WWE wants to make sure things start anew, but it sometimes happens long after the stars have been around. Now, two more superstars on Monday Night Raw‘s roster have seen their ring names undergo some changes.

WWE is always looking at how things may be improved upon — or if there are ways to change things up for the better. One of those ways is giving a superstar a different name, but it’s just kind of odd when the name change happens after the talent has already made their debut.

A few weeks ago, the tag team named Heavy Machinery made their WWE main roster debut on Monday Night Raw. Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight have already been involved in a few big matches since being called up from NXT, and the fans are loving them.

On this week’s Raw, Heavy Machinery was part of a Four Corners Tag Match for a shot at the Raw Tag Team Championship. They didn’t end up winning the match, but it was revealed that Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight now have new ring names.

Featured image credit: WWE

The fan-favorite tag team has now lost their last names — as far as the promotion is concerned — and are simply being referred to as “Otis” and “Tucker.” When looking at their superstar profiles on the official WWE website, the change appears to be something which has been cemented in place for both Otis and Tucker.

Otis and Tucker are far from the only NXT call-ups who have had their names shortened once moving up. A number of other superstars have seen their last names completely dropped as well, and one saw his full name — comprised of three parts — shortened to just one.

Here are some other example of name changes.

  • Big E Langston to Big E.
  • Antonio Cesaro to Cesaro.
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas to Andrade.
  • Alexander Rusev to Rusev.
  • Elias Samson to Elias.

Apollo Crews had his name changed to just “Apollo” at one point, but he was soon given his last name back. Big E decided to give Otis and Tucker a nice warm welcome to the “club.”

There is never any real big explanation given to the public as to why a superstar may have their name changed, as it is commonplace. Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight have had their names shortened by WWE, but fans won’t really mind much — as they simply love Heavy Machinery for who they are.