Tom Brady Says Being Called The ‘GOAT’ Makes Him Cringe

Harry HowGetty Images

The term “GOAT” has been thrown around, and most people would see it as a compliment but not QB Tom Brady, as he says it makes him uncomfortable. But after winning his sixth Super Bowl at the age of 41, many people are telling him to get used to it.

The New York Post says that being called the GOAT is really awkward. On Good Morning America, host and former NFL player Michael Strahan asked him about the term, which means “Greatest of All Time.”

“I don’t even like it. It makes me cringe.”

Brady says that he is actually more comfortable with trash talk than kind words, and so it’s almost easier to be insulted.

“I guess I take compliments worse than I … I wish you would say, ‘You’re trash, you’re too old, you’re too slow, you can’t get it done no more,’ And I’ll say, ‘Thank you very much, I’ll prove you wrong.'”

Brady continued saying that a diss spurs you on to do better while being called “the greatest” leaves you nowhere to go. He says in his mind it’s always easier to come to a challenge from the place of an underdog than the guy who is expected to win it all.

So when will Brady finally say he’s been playing the game long enough? The QB’s wife Gisele Bundchen would like him to hang up his cleats now, but despite being 41, Brady says he’s not ready.

“50’s too long, I think 45 is the goal.”

If Brady continues his winning ways, he will set even more records for a man in his 40s in the NFL.

The Daily Mail says that Brady believes that there is a lot of baggage that comes with the term GOAT that makes him uneasy. The New England Patriot says that the picture in his mind when he hears the term GOAT is someone who is near perfect, and he assures fans that he has many flaws.

He adds that particularly when it comes to their children and around the house, he’s sure that his wife thinks there is room for improvement. He says that the reality is at home, he doesn’t really do much as his NFL responsibilities come first.

Brady says that it’s his wife Gisele who carries the burden at home, and when they get to celebrate, it’s her that he’s grateful for.

“It brings you so much joy when everyone is there to celebrate with you so she’s got my back, I have no doubt about that and she knows I have hers.”