‘Downton Abbey’ Movie News: Premiere Date, Storyline Hints & The Official Movie Trailer

For all of the Downton Abbey fans who have been dying for any news on the upcoming Downton movie, the trailer is now available, and the premiere date has been announced. Nearly everyone from the original cast is back, and this includes the next generation, the grandchildren of the Earl of Grantham.

Town & Country says that a variety of stills from the series have been released which show the Crawleys and their staff at work and play beginning in the year 1927. The movie will be in theaters internationally on September 13 and in North America on September 20.

Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson, says that the movie will be worth the wait as it is an emotional reunion, but not sickeningly sweet. He also promises that show creator Julian Fellowes will make everything bigger and better for the big screen.

“It’s a big, epic story that’s definitely going to fill the big screen. That was our worry about taking the show from the small screen to the big screen. But you have Julian Fellowes, who won an Oscar for writing, and he’s done a great job with the story.”

Leech adds that Tom is finally a family member as he and daughter Sibby are living back at the Abbey.

The Mirror caught up with Jim Carter, best known to Downton fans as the beloved butler, Carson, and after a three-year break, he explains what it’s like to step back into the livery of Carson, the head of the staff at Downton Abbey.

“The second the costume comes back on it’s like it never ended.”

Carter says that over the course of the series and the film, he had very little variety in his wardrobe and that’s fine with him. He explains that he wears his uniform and has suits for going into town and that’s it. He says it’s a lot easier to be a man on the set, but added that the downstairs women still have some serious “frock envy” and that includes Sophie McShera who plays Daisy, who has gotten a very minor upgrade from the gray drab she wore in the first season.

The Downton Abbey movie will include a few new additions including Imelda Staunton, who happens to be Carter’s wife in real life. The two were happy to be working in the same place, but he teases that with her new role, they have no dialogue with each other, despite being in the same scene.

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