Fake Lesbian Wedding Notices Sent Out To Various Newspapers

With same-sex marriage debates ongoing all over the United States, a prankster has been sending out fake lesbian wedding notices.

The first such notice appeared in Le Mars Daily Sentinel, a newspaper that serves the small Iowan town of Le Mars.

According to Gawker, the town recently went blue during the last election but is still fairly conservative. Le Mars is known as the “Ice Cream Capital of the World” because of its Blue Bunny Ice Cream manufacturer plant.

The photo used in the prank is a badly photoshopped piece of work but apparently good enough to trick newspaper editors. It wasn’t just Le Mans that fell for the trick. The same day of the original announcement, a newspaper in San Marco, Texas printed the fake lesbian wedding notice.

In both announcements, the name Andrea Kathleen Kaufman was used. In the Texas publication, she even had parents named as Dr. Henry and Lisa Kaufman.

Upon searching the photos separately, Gawker discovered that the girls were from different towns. One of the pictures is Melanie from Ann Arbor, and the other is Jamie from Pensacola, Florida. Melanie hasn’t even graduated from high school yet.

The announcement was removed from the Le Mars Sentinel website immediately after the newspaper realized it was a hoax.

Wedding announcements were posted for free in both newspapers. At this time, the creator of the fake lesbian wedding notices has not come forward to explain their motives.

Do you think fake lesbian wedding notices undermine the fight for gay rights?