Jennifer Lawrence Is Engaged: Who Is Her Fiance Cooke Maroney?

Congratulations are in order for Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney, who are engaged according to Page Six. Rumors started when Lawrence was reportedly spotted with a giant engagement ring during a romantic dinner date at Raoul’s with Cooke.

So who is Maroney, anyway?

It turns out that Cooke is the art director of Gladstone 64. He’s originally from Vermont and attended a high school in Middlebury. He would later go on to attend NYU to study art history, detailed Marie Claire Magazine.

The gallery that he works for represents some high-end clients. Currently, Gladstone 64 is featuring art by Paloma Varga Weisz. Past artists include Victor Man, Banks Violette, and Andrew Lord. Previously, he was an art dealer in Manhattan. And at Christie’s, he worked as the senior vice-president and head of American paintings.

And when it comes to his personality, Cosmopolitan dished that a source once said that he’s “definitely fun-loving but I wouldn’t say he’s out of control. He likes to have fun, a young [good-looking] New York guy who likes to participate and have fun. When we would hang out, we would definitely drink; we would have fun.”

With all that being said, for fans who are hoping for a ton of couples’ selfies and public information about his relationship with Jennifer, it might be disappointing to hear that they’ve been fairly private. Point in case is that Cooke has an Instagram page, but it’s set to private. He only follows 772 users and has 1,969 followers, so it’s likely he keeps his page open to people he actually knows.

There’s also one other piece of information that’s available about Maroney, which is that his parents James and Suki Fredericks own Oliver Hill Farm in Vermont. They were interviewed about their decision to do so, and a Medium article noted that “James and his wife Suki moved to Leicester, Vermont from Manhattan, New York in 1986 to pursue a quiet, rural life. They were tired of raising their two-year-old son in the city, where family time was always strained.”

It also turns out that Cooke is following in his family’s footsteps by working as an art dealer. His dad James worked in Manhattan and owns a part-time business as a private art dealer.

“Suki and their son Cook [sic] often joined James for the commute in the early years, but when Cook started kindergarten and a daughter, Annabelle, was born, Suki and the kids spent most of their time in Vermont.”

So although Maroney probably loves the city as much as anyone else, he has a background of spending time in the country especially as a younger kid.

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