WWE Rumors: All Elite Wrestling Makes ‘Outstanding’ Offer To A Big Time WWE Star, Per WrestleVotes

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling has already caused a lot of excitement and speculation in the realm of professional wrestling — and they’re preparing to shake things up even more. Chris Jericho is already under contract to AEW, and many thought he’d never stray from WWE. There have been many others who are rumored to be connected to the new promotion, but the latest rumor states that a big-time WWE superstar has received an “outstanding offer” that may be too good to refuse.

Right now, there is a lot of speculation swirling as to who may end up signing with All Elite Wrestling. A number of free agent wrestlers have already signed — and others are about to have their contracts expire soon, which makes them able to sign wherever they wish.

The official Twitter account of WrestleVotes tweeted out on Tuesday that something big is possibly about to happen — and that it will involve WWE and AEW. This account has broken a lot of huge stories in the wrestling world, and has a proven track record of usually being right.

In said Twitter post, WrestleVotes states that “the first real shot has been fired…” in the war between WWE and AEW. A source has claimed that an “outstanding” offer has been made to a current, big-time WWE superstar.

As soon as the tweet was posted, many started arguing about tampering — and others began asking who the superstar in question might be. WrestleVotes made sure to note that they would not release the person’s name until “the offer is accepted or declined.”

Fans and other Twitter users are throwing around all kinds of names right now, but no concrete confirmation will come about as of this time. There are guesses of Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Brock Lesnar, A.J. Styles, and many others.

A.J. Styles’ current deal is set to expire in April, and it’s not yet known if he has signed a new contract with WWE or not. As reported by the Inquisitr, there have been reports of Styles inking a new deal, but he doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Dolph Ziggler is said to be working on a “handshake deal” with WWE right now — and he’s also said to be on hiatus while he works on his stand-up comedy. Dean Ambrose is not renewing his WWE contract once it’s up in April, per the Inquisitr, and WWE has already confirmed that to be the case.

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WrestleVotes responded to a lot of Twitter users who said that their leak is unlawful, because it could be considered “tampering.” Much like with Ziggler or Ambrose, though, the public doesn’t really know the contract status of every single superstar in each wrestling promotion.

All Elite Wrestling has already shocked the world with many of the things they’ve done, and they have not even had one event yet. AEW is going to bring in some big names — and there is nothing to say they won’t be competitive. Only time will tell. This “outstanding” offer reportedly made to a current WWE superstar, though, is one way to truly shake things up — if it all pans out.