‘Bachelor’ Deleted Scene Explains Kirpa Sudick’s Mystery Injury: What Happened To Her Chin?

Craig SjodinABC

People are buzzing over everything that went down during Episode 5 of Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season. Monday night’s show had bickering, a woman’s first kiss, and fireworks, but it also had contestant Kirpa Sudick wearing a bandage on her chin that seemed to be quite the mystery. As it turns out, a selfie attempt gone bad led to stitches and the unexplained injury Kirpa sported throughout the February 4 show.

Entertainment Weekly shared the deleted scene that provides the story behind Kirpa Sudick’s chin injury. Luckily, it seems that Kirpa had a pretty good sense of humor about what happened, but the lack of an explanation left fans pretty confused throughout the episode.

Kirpa explains that when she got to Thailand with the rest of Colton’s bachelorettes, she tried to take a selfie near the ocean. What she didn’t take into account, however, is that it had rained and the rocks were still wet. She slipped, fell, and ended up heading to the hospital.

When all was said and done, Kirpa received five stitches in her chin and had a sprained wrist. She had a bandage on her chin throughout the episode, but the show didn’t include anything in terms of an explanation.

Kirpa’s mysterious chin injury had people across social media buzzing and many memes were created. Naturally, a Twitter account for Kirpa’s chin was started and Sudick herself shared many of the memes she saw via her Instagram Stories. In addition, the hashtag #KirpasBandAid got plenty of play Monday night, as viewers speculated about what caused the mysterious injury.

Many Bachelor fans noted that Sudick really should be getting more airtime because she hasn’t been given much of an opportunity thus far and she seems to have a great sense of humor. As mentioned, the gorgeous bachelorette finally has gotten some airtime, albeit while surrounded by an air of mystery due to her chin bandage.

Not only that, but it seems rather unlike the franchise to have an ambulance situation or hospital visit and not make the most of it by hyping it up to be something massive and dramatic. Even gossip guru Reality Steve wondered via Twitter what in the world had happened to Kirpa’s chin, as he hadn’t gotten the scoop on that via his various Bachelor spoilers.

Luckily, it looks like Kirpa’s chin injury was fairly minor and didn’t leave any lasting damage. Sudick will surely be a bit more cautious when taking selfies in scenic locations in the future, and now the mystery of Kirpa’s bandage is resolved.

Next up for Kirpa Sudick, Colton Underwood, and his other remaining ladies is a trip to Vietnam. As the Inquisitr previously reported, The Bachelor spoilers hint that there’s a lot of drama on the way during Episode 6 set to air on Monday, February 11, but at least now Kirpa’s chin injury won’t be a mysterious distraction from the rest of the action.