Stassi Schroeder’s Boyfriend Beau Clark Suffers Heartbreak, See How She’s Distracting Him From His Tragic Loss

Nicole WeingartBravo

Stassi Schroeder has rushed in as the supportive girlfriend of Beau Clark.

Over the weekend, as Vanderpump Rules fans may have seen on Instagram and in Schroeder’s Instagram stories, Clark did his best to root for his football team, the Los Angeles Rams, to victory at the Super Bowl, but unfortunately, the team suffered a painful loss to the unstoppable New England Patriots.

One day after the tragic loss, Schroeder posted an image of herself and Clark on Instagram with a caption informing fans that she’s attempting to distract Clark and get the two of them “through this.”

Over the past several weeks, Schroeder, a New Orleans native, has been a good sport when it comes to supporting Clark and his team throughout the playoffs, but at this point, it appears she did so in vain.

Schroeder and Clark debuted their relationship on Vanderpump Rules in December and have chronicled the ups and downs of their romance in the weeks since. Most notably, Schroeder suffered a meltdown at her birthday party after Clark failed to leave at the same time as she did.

Although Schroeder and Clark feuded on the night of her ice-themed birthday with Ariana Madix, the couple was able to sensibly work through their issues with one another the following morning and appear to have been going strong ever since.

Below is the photo Stassi Schroeder shared of herself and Beau Clark on Monday.

During an interview with The Daily Dish at the end of last year, Schroeder spoke about the way in which her friends and family have accepted Beau Clark.

“That had never really been a priority for me — obviously, look at my track record — like, what my friends and family thought. I guess I was just like, whatever, it’s my life. Who cares about your opinions?” she explained. “But once I started dating Beau and everyone just organically loved him, I was like, god, this should’ve been number one on my list. It’s so nice to have your friends and family be obsessed with your boyfriend because it just makes life that much easier. It’s like one big family.”

As fans have seen over the past few weeks on Vanderpump Rules, the cast of the show adores Clark, including Lisa Vanderpump herself.

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