‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood’s Episode 5 Group Date Sparks An Intense, Explosive Battle

Rick RowellABC

New Bachelor spoilers for Episode 5 have emerged, and Colton Underwood will have his hands full during the February 4 show. While it’s not uncommon to see the bachelorettes get competitive and intense as they try to get one-on-one time with the lead, things get particularly ugly during the group’s time in Thailand.

Per Inquisitr, previous Bachelor spoilers have revealed that the group date itself has some challenging moments, as Colton and his ladies need to hike through a jungle and show their adventurous sides. Later, at the after-party, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Onyeka Ehie will start bickering, according to Inquisitr. From the sounds of things, viewers can expect this battle to cause drama throughout the rest of Monday’s show.

Good Morning America shared a new clip from Monday night’s show that gives some insight into how dramatic this battle gets between the two ladies. The clip shows Hannah Godwin noting that she can hear Onyeka and Nicole bickering in the background, and it looks like Colton is spending some individual time with one of the other ladies at this point.

The other women will look uncomfortable as they overhear this argument, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes will seem stunned by how vocal the two are being at a cocktail party. The Bachelor spoilers note that Nicole will allege that Onyeka has targeted her from the beginning and is putting her relationship with him at risk while Ehie will say something about how she doesn’t think Lopez-Alvar deserves to be with Underwood.

Things will get so loud and intense that Colton’s conversation will be interrupted, and he’ll excuse himself to go intervene. The other ladies will be shocked to see Underwood stepping in, and they’ll all do their best to stay out of the mix of this one.

While Colton may try to smooth things over between Onyeka and Nicole, Bachelor spoilers reveal that this feud won’t be fully resolved. ABC shares that Underwood will be fed up by the drama as this plays out during the cocktail party right before the rose ceremony.

“The cocktail party drama leaves Colton confused and upset, as the ongoing war between Onyeka and Nicole reaches new heights resulting in a boisterous face-off that envelops everyone. The Bachelor’s attempt to intervene does nothing to calm the two women down, so he makes an unexpected move that throws the rest of the bachelorettes into panic mode.”

Previews have shown the bachelorettes looking stunned and worrying about Colton as he storms away from the cocktail party. The Bachelor spoilers via Reality Steve have suggested that Underwood will be so fed up that he eliminates both Ehie and Lopez-Alvar, perhaps before the rose ceremony even happens.

Will this send a message to the other bachelorettes that Colton doesn’t want ladies there who focus more on the drama with one another than on their relationship with him? The Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s plenty more drama on the way as Colton Underwood’s journey to find love continues and fans will have plenty to buzz about in the weeks ahead.