Was Super Bowl LIII The Most Boring Ever? The Internet Sure Seems To Think So

Some Super Bowls are amazing, others are average. Super Bowl LIII was possibly the most boring in the history of the sport of football, the internet decided.

In the wake of a Super Bowl with very little offense and more punts than memorable plays, countless football fans took to the internet to complain that Super Bowl LIII was a three-and-a-half-hour waste of time.

For many fans, it was a combination of all the worst parts of football — the New England Patriots, two teams struggling to move the ball, missed field goals by both teams, and punts, punts, punts.

As the game was unfolding, many people took to Twitter to question just how the football gods could have given such a tedious capper to a season filled with record-breaking offensive performances. The jokes and memes about the boring game were plentiful.

“Since Tony Romo can predict the future he really should’ve told us this was going to the most boring Super Bowl ever,” wrote filmmaker Adam Best.

“If you believe satan is real and that the idea is to cause maximum pain, the obvious move would be to have the most boring Super Bowl in history with New England taking it right at the end,” added Josh Jordan.

The numbers seemed to prove just how excruciating Super Bowl LIII was to watch. The 16 total point was the lowest in Super Bowl history, beating out the Miami Dolphins 14-7 win over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII to cap off their undefeated season.

There had been expectations for a high-scoring affair, with the over/under set at 56. It turned out the teams got nowhere near that mark — not even if you tripled the score.

The high-flying Los Angeles Rams, an offensive juggernaut during the regular season, went 0-for-6 on third downs in the scoreless first half, the 13th team to be shut out in the first half Super Bowl history. Were it not for a near-record 53-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein, the Rams would have been shut out for the first time this season.

While it was largely seen as the most boring Super Bowl of all time, fans of the New England Patriots didn’t seem to mind. And even if the Patriots fans got a little bored — it could probably be forgiven after seeing five other Super Bowl wins — at least they have the near-annual Super Bowl parade in a few days.