Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Reactions Are Hilarious

Jamie SquireGetty Images

After a rather lackluster first half of football, halftime had finally arrived in Super Bowl LIII and the game wasn’t living up to the hype. With two quarters down, the New England Patriots were leading the Los Angeles Rams by a massive score of 3-0, and fans were not thrilled on social media. Well, after the halftime show led by Maroon 5 and including Travis Scott and Big Boi, fans became even more active on Twitter with some hilarious reactions.

Maroon 5 led the charge for the halftime show of Super Bowl LIII, and there were a lot of things happening on the field. A giant “M” was their stage and it changed colors throughout as giant flames shot up into the air above the heads of the fans on the field.

Adam Levine began to bring forth a number of different hit songs that Maroon 5 fans around the world know all of the words to, but that was about the only normalcy they could find. From there, things got really weird as Travis Scott appeared on stage by way of a giant meteor on fire and Levine lost his clothing.

That is not an exaggeration as Levine literally went from being fully clothed to wearing only pants by the end of the performance. No matter what, though, the reactions on social media are some of the funniest and most enjoyable things of the night.

Some noticed for a while that Levine was just wearing a guitar before he actually played it halfway through the show. Of course, that was when people weren’t wondering about the tool belt around the waist of Travis Scott.

When Big Boi only received about 45 seconds of stage time, it also angered a lot of people who were hoping for him to save things.

While some were not thrilled with the halftime show, they wanted to let everyone know that the Super Bowl entertainment hasn’t always been bad. Yes, there were times when it was a truly great show and one of those would happen to be Prince.

By the time the halftime show was over, fans were jumping on Twitter and not thrilled with really anything that had been presented as of yet. The game itself was low scoring and quite dull. Most of the commercials weren’t living up to the hype of the past years. Any movie trailers were virtually 30 seconds or less. Finally, Maroon 5 came out on stage for the Super Bowl LIII halftime show and things just went from not much to absurd.

At least the Internet is there to provide entertainment.