Camille Kostek Cuddles Up To Rob Gronkowski In IG Post On Super Bowl Sunday

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Camille Kostek and her boyfriend, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, looked very much in love in a black-and-white photo that she posted on her Instagram page on Super Bowl Sunday. In the photo, Kostek has her head against Gronk’s shoulder and they’re both smiling to the camera. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model didn’t say when the photo was taken in the caption, but the fact that it’s black-and-white could indicate that it’s a throwback.

Whether it was taken recently or a while ago, it’s clear that she wanted it to convey her love and pride for Gronkowski, as his team takes on the Los Angeles Rams on the biggest night in football.

Kostek doesn’t regularly post pictures of her boyfriend on Instagram. Most of her photos show off the assets that landed her a spot in Sports Illustrated. But the rare photos and videos of them together are adorable. In an Instagram video she posted in December, Kostek tries to prove her girl power by doing squats with Gronkowski on her back. We see her admirably doing three squats before the video ends. This is even more impressive when you remember that he weighs 265 pounds and is 6-foot-6.

Kostek and Gronkowski have been dating since around 2015, according to a relationship timeline posted on E! Online. That’s when he started popping up on her Instagram page. It’s also the year that Kostek resigned from the Patriots’ cheerleading squad. Even though she used to be paid to cheer for his team, Kostek has denied rumors that they were romantically involved while she was there.

“We first got in touch once I resigned from the team,” Kostek told Fox News. “I always knew who he was before I was even a cheerleader. I knew who he was on the roster. I just never paid any mind. Once I resigned is when we finally met.”

As E! reports, they made their first red carpet appearance at The Kid’s Choice Awards in 2016, but things between them seemed to cool off the following year. At the beginning of 2017, there was a report that Gronk was a single man again, but by May, he and Kostek were seen at one of his friend’s weddings. They also celebrated his birthday together that year.

Kostek told Fox News that she’s a private person, so perhaps that’s why her Instagram photos of Rob Gronkowski are few and far between, but this most recent photo, shows that their relationship is still going strong.

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