Victoria Gotti Working To Change Her Mob Princess Narrative

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Victoria Gotti is currently hard at work changing the perspective people have of her as she no longer wants to be the girl with the mob princess narrative who was believed to have lived a privileged childhood.

The 56-year-old writer and television personality is recognized as the daughter of convicted mob boss John Gotti, who passed away in prison back in 2002. He was serving a life sentence at the time of his death.

Gotti recently sat down with Page Six in a video interview to tell people the truth about herself and her family. The interview comes just ahead of the release of the writer’s new biopic, Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter.

During her sit down, Victoria revealed that she wants to really change and correct people’s “preconceived notions” about her life and her childhood. She revealed there are a lot of people who seem to think that she lived an easy life from the start, and that she was treated like a princess her whole life. According to Gotti, this is far from the truth.

The blonde mob daughter tells reporters that as a child, she grew up “dirt poor,” and is really unsure of where or why people picked up the idea that she lived some sort of glamorous childhood because of who her father was.

According to John Gotti’s daughter, it was easier just to let the media give her the narrative they wanted her to have without fighting it because it was a waste of time and energy to respond to every little untrue detail that was published regarding her as a mob princess.

The mother-of-three also encourages those who are curious about her actual life to watch her upcoming biopic, stating that the film will put “any misconceptions about her to rest.”

The film has been a very special and long-term project for Gotti and her family. It was such a long-term process that she spent more than seven years working on the production of it.

Neither she, nor any member of her family has had a chance to watch the finished version, so the upcoming premiere will be as much of a treat for her as it is for anyone who is curious to learn the truth behind her past as the daughter of the well-known mob boss.

With less than a week until its premiere, the in-depth Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daugter is scheduled to air on the Lifetime network on February 9 at 8 p.m. ET.