Bow Wow Claims He Was ‘Wrongfully Arrested’ After Alleged Assault On Ex-Girlfriend

Todd WilliamsonGetty Images

Bow Wow, who was arrested February 2 on charges of assault, believes he has been wrongly accused of assault, People is reporting. The rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, says he was actually the one being attacked. Leslie Holden, his ex-girlfriend and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star, who is typically known as Kyomi Leslie, professionally, reportedly got arrested alongside him as they both were seen with injuries on them and the police could not tell who was the main aggressor.

The two were then taken to Fulton Country Jail, where Moss was charged with battery substantial physical harm and Holden was charged with battery. Both were later released on $8,000 bonds. Now, Moss is speaking out through his lawyer, Joe Habachy.

“Shad Bow Wow Moss was wrongfully arrested earlier this morning for the first time after being beaten by an out of control intoxicated female, Ms. Leslie Holden, in an Atlanta condominium,” Habachy said in a statement. The statement then goes on to accuse Holden of being the primary aggressor by beating with him a lamp, biting on him, and spitting on him.

Habachy also says there were two other witnesses who can corroborate Moss’ side of the story. In addition, he shares through the statement that Moss does not believe in ever laying his hands on a woman and did not fight back. Habachy points out that while there are visible injuries in Moss’ mugshot, there are none in Holden’s. Police did confirm to the media, however, that “both parties did sustain visible minor injuries.” While Moss’ mugshot is available, Holden’s mugshot has yet to be released.

Habachy feels that with Moss’ visible injuries, Holden’s alleged lack of visible injuries, and two witnesses agreeing with Moss’ story, Moss was wrongfully arrested.

“For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case,” said Habachy.

So far, everyone aside from Moss’ lawyer is staying mum about the situation. Reps for Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta gave no comment when asked about the situation, and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the Atlanta Police Department both have yet to clarify why Moss and Holden were given different charges.

“We are confident that the charges against Bow Wow will be dismissed and look forward to assisting the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office in prosecuting Ms. Holden,” said Habachy.

Since being released from jail, Bow Wow’s social media indicates he attended a Super Bowl party with Diddy and Jermaine Dupri.