‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoiler: Sonny Desperate To Find Dante, Robert & Anna May Have News

Robert DyeABC Press

Dante Falconeri seems to be missing and a new General Hospital preview reveals how desperate Sonny Corinthos is to find his son. No matter what he does, the mobster has been unable to locate Dante to let him know what happened to Lulu. Now he is calling in the big guns to help in his search.

The clip that was put out by ABC reveals that Sonny heads over to Anna’s to have a chat with her. She seems a little surprised to see him. She assumes that he wants her help in finding the serial killer who almost killed his daughter-in-law, but she soon learns that he is asking her for help in locating Dante.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Olivia was a bit frantic wondering why Dante couldn’t be found. She thinks that his place is in Port Charles with his wife during her recovery. Lulu is an emotional wreck right now and Olivia believes that her son’s place is with her right now. After her strange confrontation with Ava, Sonny walked up to make sure that she was okay. He then promised that he would do whatever he could to get their son back home.

There seems to be something up with Dante that is keeping him off the grid. Even Brick wasn’t able to find out anything. Now Sonny is asking Anna to see what she can do. Robert Scorpio isn’t too happy to see Sonny. He told him that he was the last guy on the planet that he figured to find there. There is no love lost between those two.

Sonny seemed to gloat a little telling Robert that Anna is a friend. Robert knows that she will be eager to help if she can. Anna walks back in and it seems that Robert already knows something about what happened to Dante, or maybe he knows that there isn’t any way to get the information that Sonny wants to find him.

Dante could be missing in action and no one knows exactly where he is. Or another scenario that is floating around is that Dante will need to go into hiding for some reason. However, Lulu did talk to her husband right before she was attacked.

The soap is leaving it wide open, at least for now, for Dante to return. Actor Dominic Zamprogna left to pursue other opportunities, but he may come back in the future, or a possible recast could happen as well. General Hospital fans took to social media to express their hopes that Dante would pop in to be with his wife, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

Tune in to General Hospital on Monday to see what Robert and Anna will reveal about Dante. Lulu may just have to get through her life-threatening situation without him.