February 2, 2019
T.I.'s Rumored Ex-Lover, Bernice Burgos, In Atlanta For Super Bowl, Insiders Reveal Why Tiny Isn't Worried

When T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were on the brink of divorce, the Atlanta rapper reportedly began dating an Instagram model named Bernice Burgos. Initially, the budding romance was only a rumor but Tiny actually confirmed her husband's involvement with Bernice.

It's taken T.I. and Tiny some time to reconcile their marriage but now they are back on track. However, there is one issue fans are wondering if Tiny is concerned about. Several reports suggest T.I.'s ex Bernice is spending Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta.

Since trust is reportedly one of the biggest areas of improvement T.I. and Tiny are working on, there are questions about whether or not the Xscape singer trusts her husband. According to Hollywood Life, an insider close to T.I. and Tiny has revealed how the singer/songwriter is feeling about the busy weekend.

Apparently, Tiny isn't worried at all. In fact, she's reportedly having a great weekend hanging out with friends. "Tiny had a wild night out with her girls last night, they even hit up the strip club, and fortunately she did not cross paths with Bernice Burgos," an insider said.

The insider went on to share how Tiny feels about possibly crossing paths with T.I.'s ex-lover. It's no secret Super Bowl weekend will be filled with star-studded events and tons of parties at some of Atlanta's most upscale venues. Since both the ladies run in affluent circles, there's definitely a possibility they could end up partying at the same venue. While it could happen, Tiny is reportedly hoping not to see her at all. Since she and T.I. are on good terms right now, she'd like to keep it that way."Tiny is well aware that Bernice is in Atlanta and she damn sure does not want to see her. But she isn't freaking out or worrying that Bernice will get her hands on T.I. again. Tiny's staying calm and collected because she and T.I. are so solid right now, she's feeling real good about where they're at," the insider continued.

The latest news follows a string of reports about T.I. and Tiny's relationship. From cheating scandals to their separation and divorce filing, it appeared T.I. and Tiny were headed for the point of no return. However, they've managed to get things back on track in an effort to try and give their marriage another chance. Over the past few months, they've made great progress and are reportedly living under the same roof again. While the marriage isn't perfect, things are much better than they were before.