February 2, 2019
Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson Hold Hands, Look Romantic In LA

Comedian Pete Davidson and actress Kate Beckinsale are believed to have met for the first time at the Netflix Golden Globes After-Party, held on January 6. In no time at all, rumors were swirling that a new Hollywood couple had been born. E! News first reported about the rumored coupling on January 7 after party attendees stated that Beckinsale and Davidson spent a lot of time flirting and sitting close to each other. Now, less than a month later, their status as a couple seems to have been confirmed by a recent public appearance.

If 25-year-old Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale, who is 45, aren't together, then they're definitely having a good time fooling everyone. The Daily Mail published some very cozy photos and videos of the duo exiting one of Davidson's stand-up comedy routines. Pete and Kate held hands as they made their way through a thick paparazzi crowd.

The (maybe) couple also showcased their vastly different fashion choices. Davidson wore a long-sleeved t-shirt, relaxed black pants, pink socks, and skeleton tennis shoes. Beckinsale dressed the part of a 45-year-old, well-known actress dealing with a rainstorm by pairing a long, stylish black and white coat with thigh-high stiletto heels and dark pantyhose. The rest of Kate's outfit, which was almost certainly a short dress, was hidden by her coat.

Even though Kate Beckinsale and her much younger beau haven't made a public statement about their budding relationship, all the signs are there. Not only are they holding hands, but Beckinsale was spotted entering a hotel with Davidson after his stand-up performance. The Inqusitir previously reported that Pete also smiled and said "yes" after an audience member at a performance shouted out "Kate Beckinsale." This may not be good enough confirmation for some, but it definitely seemed to indicate that Davidson and Beckinsale are an item.

All of this comes mere months after Pete Davidson's very public split from singer Ariana Grande. The former couple met in March 2016, but they didn't start dating until May 2018. Per Cosmopolitan, Davidson and Grande had both been involved with other people before ending those relationships mere days before going public about their new union. By the end of May, they started sporting matching tattoos. Only a month later, they announced their engagement, but things soured quickly. A mere five months after Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating, the couple called it quits.
Between their age difference and Davidson's spotty relationship history, some of Beckinsale's fans have advised her not to date the comedian. As the Inquisitr pointed out, those words inspired Beckinsale to make jokes instead of taking her fans' concerns seriously. It's far too soon to predict the future for this couple, but their ability to understand each other's history of medical issues may help. Kate Beckinsale was recently hospitalized for a ruptured ovarian cyst, and Pete Davidson has been open about suffering from a borderline personality disorder and Crohn's disease.