How Much Money Does Tom Brady Make A Year?

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has become practically a staple at the Super Bowl and he’ll be competing for another win and ring Sunday night. Given his record, some would think that he must be one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. As it happens, that’s not exactly the case. He reportedly was set to earn a base salary of $15 million for 2018, although there were some potential bonuses above that.

According to Spotrac, Tom Brady was slated to earn $10 million in a restructure bonus in 2018 along with a roster bonus of $1 million and a straight salary of $4 million. There was another $5 million available in additional bonuses depending on his stats for the season.

As Fortune explains, Brady could have earned additional incentive pay if he had finished in the top five in the NFL in a handful of categories. Those categories included passing yards, touchdown passes, yards per pass attempt, completion percentage, and passer rating. Each category was reportedly worth an additional $1 million in pay.

Brady had hit the top five for all of those categories in 2017, so this probably seemed like virtually guaranteed money. Unfortunately, the Patriots star missed the line in all of the categories. Ultimately, he was anywhere between seventh (in passing yards) and 18th (in completion percentage) for the incentive categories.

Despite missing out on that $5 million in incentive money, Brady still did well. In addition to the $15 million he reportedly earned, Business Insider shares that he makes another $8 million or so a year in endorsement deals. The Patriots star has deals with companies like Beats by Dre, Shields, Intel, and Under Armour, and that money adds up.

The New England Patriots quarterback has been an NFL pro for nearly two decades now, and he’s earned around $200 million in salary. Brady has famously been willing to earn less than some of his peers or what he could have demanded for the sake of keeping the team competitive as a whole.

While estimates vary, it is believed that Brady’s willingness to restructure deals and accept contract extensions rather than play hardball with the Patriots on his contracts has cost him at least $60 million over the course of his career, and perhaps a great deal more.

How much longer will Tom Brady play for the New England Patriots and how much more money can the 41-year-old quarterback make? Those questions may linger for a while, but some clarity may emerge as Super Bowl LIII plays out on Sunday night and the Patriots battle to beat the Los Angeles Rams.