‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Power Of The Publicist Winner Revealed

What exactly does this power do?

Tamar Braxton on CBBUS
Sonja Flemming / CBS

What exactly does this power do?

The second twist in the Celebrity Big Brother house is here, as America has crowned the Power of the Publicist winner. Last week, host Julie Chen revealed there would be another twist following the Anthony Scaramucci POV shakeup, but this time America would be in charge. Through tweeting hashtags with their favorite houseguest’s names, viewers voted for the player they wanted to have this new special ability.

It was revealed on Monday’s show, and confirmed by Gold Derby, that Tamar Braxton was given the Power of the Publicist. There were more #CBBTamar tweets than any other, and the Braxton Family Values star was let in on the big surprise when she went in to record a diary session. Only Tamar is privy to the power given by the twist and is the only houseguest to know who has it.

The new power grants Tamar the ability to remove herself from the block at a nomination ceremony or a Power of Veto ceremony. The Power of the Publicist will only work through the next two nominations, one of which has already happened. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tom Green nominated Kandi Burruss and Joey Lawrence for eviction, believing one of them had been given the power. This means Tamar can use her power if she is backdoored this week, or at the next nomination ceremony or POV.

As this point in time, Tamar has not revealed to any of her houseguests that she has the power. It has been driving several of the other players crazy and the power has occupied most of the conversations on the live feeds. Kato Kaelin has mentioned Tamar as a possible recipient based on the fact that she brings a lot of drama to the house and the viewers might like that, thus rewarding her with their votes.

According to Gold Derby, Joey was close in the running to nab the Power of the Publicist after his hashtag was gaining plenty of tweets as well. A large number of tweets for the Blossom actor are likely because fans believed he would be kicked out next after his friends, Jonathan Bennett and Ryan Lochte, were previously voted out. Tom agreed with viewers and nominated Joey based on that, but his logic didn’t pan out in his favor. Since Kandi and Joey have not revealed that they have the power, Tom has been second-guessing everything in the house.

To see who goes home, catch the next episode of Celebrity Big Brother on Saturday, February 4 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.