Chelsea Peretti Discusses Gina Linetti’s Last Episode On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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While it was expected, the time has finally arrived for Gina Linetti to leave the building in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After being encouraged by Jake (Andy Samberg) to spread her wings, she set about doing just that. Giving all of her co-workers signature Gina moments, the character finally departed the series in the most recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, leaving behind a gold statue of herself by which the remaining characters could cherish her. The actress who played her over the last five seasons now has some parting words for fans about her character’s departure.

When Chelsea Peretti spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Gina’s departure, she revealed that she was glad that her character got to go undercover with Jake. Prior to that, Gina had always been what she considered an “island” set aside from the other characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“Getting to go undercover with [Jake] was something that was really fun for me,” Chelsea revealed.

“I think a lot of times Gina got isolated because she’s a civilian and not a cop, so it felt like she couldn’t be brought out into a lot of the stories.”

While Chelsea was happy with Gina’s send-off, there was one moment while filming that she found particularly emotional. The emotional scene involved Gina and her childhood friend, Jake.

“I texted Andy like, ‘Okay, that was emotional’ when watching last week’s episode. Because I know we felt that in the moment and people in the crew said that and then [creator] Dan [Goor] said that when he was editing it, but I still wasn’t sure how I would feel when watching it. Andy and I joke around so much, not that we don’t talk about things outside of jokes, but it was such a heartfelt, earnest moment between us and I love that it still ended with us laughing in that scene.”

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was known by fans that Gina would be appearing in the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a truncated season.

“I won’t be doing a full season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Season 6. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back,” Chelsea Peretti said, according to an article by Digital Spy published in October.

While this is considered the end for Gina, Chelsea Peretti is billed with a guest role in an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Chelsea hadn’t filmed the upcoming guest episode when interviewed by EW. However, Chelsea’s Twitter account revealed recently that she has now filmed it.

So, fans can rest assured that this truly isn’t the last time they will witness Gina’s special charm. However, as for whether Gina will become a regular special guest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains to be seen.

“I think if the writers are talking about some direction they want to go and it involves my character then Dan will call me and we will talk about it,” Chelsea revealed.

As for what Chelsea will miss the most about working on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actress revealed that it was the “camaraderie with the cast.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently airing on NBC every Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET.