Umpire Bruce Ravan Takes Epic Tumble During College Baseball Opener [Video]

Tallahassee, FL — Bruce Ravan took an embarrassing stumble and tumble on college baseball Opening Day, and he wasn’t even trying to do the “Harlem Shake.”

Does this mean it will be a “staggered” season?

Ravan, the home plate umpire for the season opening game between the University of Rhode Island and Florida State, fell on his face in epic fashion in the sixth inning yesterday with the home team batting and leading 7-4.

Ravan tried to signal a hit batsman, but tripped over his own feet and completely lost his balance, staggering up the first base line and eventually landing face first (see video below). The umpire was helped to his feet by the URI catcher. Fortunately he was okay and continued to officiate the game to its conclusion.

Upon seeing the umpire completely lose it, the play-by-play guy commented that “Bruce Ravan is down for the count … I was quiet because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing there for a minute … the umpire was teetering, and then he was going, going, gone.”

The Florida State Seminoles, who are ranked ninth in the US among college baseball teams, won the game 11-5.

As Yahoo! Sports quipped, “College baseball season started off with a bang on Friday afternoon in Tallahassee, Fla. Or maybe it was a thud … It had to hurt a little bit, too, though … the damage done to [Ravan’s] ego will last a lot longer than any physical pain.”

This is one of the funniest videos that you will see in a long time.

Watch college baseball umpire Bruce Ravan lose his balance during the Florida State season opener with URI: