Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Racy Text Leak Prompts Personal Investigation

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – the richest man in the world – is personally vested in funding an investigation into how racy text messages revealing his alleged affair with former Los Angeles news anchor Lauren Sanchez were obtained by the National Enquirer.

According to a report by the Daily Beast, Bezos’ personal security team believes the intimate leak of text messages between the billionaire and his purported mistress may have been politically motivated. Initially, investigators looked into the possibility of someone hacking into Bezos’ phone and obtaining the text messages that way. Digital forensic analysis, however, determined the CEO’s phone was unlikely to be the cause of the leak.

The second theory in the investigation was that Sanchez either leaked the text messages herself in an attempt to blow up Bezos’ marriage with his wife, MacKenzie, or it was actually her phone that had been hacked. After looking into Lauren, investigators do not believe she had anything to do with the leak of the text messages.

The third theory investigators are currently looking into involves why the text messages were leaked on National Enquirer, as they believe the choice in platform reveals a lot about why they were leaked in the first place. The report, however, does clarify that while they believe the place of publication points to politically motivated reasoning, it does not actually help determine who gave the tabloid the text messages in the first place.

A spokesman for the tabloid, Jon Hammond, has declined to make any comments regarding how Enquirer obtained the text messages. Representatives at Amazon have also declined the Daily Beast‘s multiple attempts for comments regarding the text message leak and Bezos’ investigation.

The investigation into how the text messages were obtained is still ongoing, as money is a non-issue, given Bezos’ personal funding. The CEO’s personal security team has yet to release any sort of statement regarding the status of the investigation.

As those who have been following the story between Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos know, the lovebirds were married for 25 years when Bezos took to Twitter earlier this month to announce their divorce. This announcement came just hours before media outlets started to report about his romantic involvement with Lauren Sanchez.

“As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,” Bezos explained in his Twitter statement.

Jeff also admitted that if he had known from the beginning of his relationship with MacKenzie that they would divorce after 25 years, he “would do it all again.”

It was a little more than a week later that the Enquirer published text messages, allegedly confirming the Amazon CEO had an affair with Sanchez before his separation from his wife.

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