‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Cassie Randolph Gets Quality Time With Colton Underwood

Craig SjodinABC

The next episode of The Bachelor will feature the first one-on-one date between Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. The preview for this upcoming show confirmed previous spoilers indicating that Colton and Cassie would have this outing together — and now additional teasers about what they’ll do have emerged.

ABC teases that Cassie Randolph’s date with Colton Underwood will be shown as the third outing during Episode 5 on Monday, February 4. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that they won’t have an overly structured plan for their outing. In fact, Underwood and Randolph seemingly get to hang out on a deserted island, and make their own fun.

This quiet outing for Colton and Cassie comes after a chaotic group date filled with drama, per the Inquisitr, and it sounds as if both Underwood and Randolph will relish this time together. Up until this point, they have only had a few brief chunks of time to be alone together. Despite that, the sparks of chemistry between them have been hard to contain.

Now with a full day to themselves, Bachelor spoilers hint that Colton and Cassie will be anxious to make the most of the opportunity. The preview shared by ABC shows that they will swim in the ocean together — and Randolph will talk about how there is definitely a physical connection there for them.

Will Colton and Cassie develop an emotional connection to one another during this excursion as well? All signs point toward yes on this front, and Bachelor spoilers previously shared via the Inquisitr have indicated that Randolph will get a rose from Underwood on this date.

Colton has developed intense sparks with several of his bachelorettes so far during this journey. However, some sense that there is something different when it comes to Cassie. This individual date will be a prime opportunity for the two to see how they relate to one another when nobody else is trying to interrupt. Bachelor spoilers suggest that she may emerge as a frontrunner by the end of this outing.

The Bachelor spoilers note that in addition to the one-on-one for Cassie and the dramatic group date, Heather Martin gets a one-on-one as well. Three more ladies will be headed back home by the time the episode is over, but viewers shouldn’t expect Randolph to be one of them.

Could Cassie Randolph end up being Colton Underwood’s final rose recipient? The Bachelor spoilers tease that things will get wild on the way to the finale, and fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few episodes.